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Patrick G. Dean, M.D.Patrick G. Dean, M.D.
Transplant Surgeon at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Mayo Graduate School of Medicine


If you find a living donor that is not a match for you, you may be able to participate in paired kidney donation. With this kind of donation, your donor gives the kidney to a person who is a match for it. Like you, that person has a donor whose kidney is not a good fit for them, but it is a match for you. So you can get a kidney from the other recipient's donor. In some cases, more than two pair of donors and recipients may be part of a paired donation chain.


Living kidney donation can only be done between family members.
False – living kidney donation is not limited to blood relatives or family members. Many living donors are friends or acquaintances of the recipient.

You can donate a kidney, even if you don't have someone specific to donate it to.
True –  this is called non-directed donation and it is possible. In addition, non-directed donors can participate in kidney paired donation.

If the person you want to donate to isn't a match, there's nothing you can do to help them.
False – if you do not match your intended recipient, kidney paired donation allows incompatible pairs of donors and recipients to participate in living donation.

Asking someone to donate a kidney is hard.
True – asking an otherwise healthy person to have an operation to give you a kidney is hard. However, many times the donor is more than happy to say yes. In addition, the more people that know you need a kidney, the more people who might volunteer to give you one.

Once you agree to donate a kidney you can’t change your mind.
False – the potential kidney donor can change his or her mind about donating up until the time of the actual operation. 

It hurts to donate a kidney.
True – as with any major abdominal operation, there will be pain and/or discomfort following the procedure. However, the discomfort is almost always manageable with the short-term use of pain medications.

If I donate a kidney, my remaining kidney won’t be able to do the job of two.
False – one healthy kidney will provide more than enough function to clean the waste products and extra fluid from your blood.

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