Chapter Interest Survey

Chapter Interest Survey
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1 Please choose your local Volunteer Chapter from the drop down below.
2 How long have you been involved with your local Volunteer Chapter?
3 How are you interested in participating with the local Chapter? Choose all that apply.

4 While each one of our local Volunteer Chapters is unique, they all support the PKD Foundation and are run entirely by volunteers. Please rank the following programs in the order of importance to you. (5= most important and 1= least important)
5 Please help us in planning future programs in your area by indicating topics that would interest you. Check all that apply.

6 Do you participate in any other programs of education or support in your local community that are not provided by the PKD Foundation?
7 Briefly describe programs of education or support offered locally and tell us how they are beneficial to you.
8 If you are interested in learning more about your local Volunteer Chapter or would like to volunteer, please provide your contact information. Thank you!
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 Email Address
9 Please provide any additional information about programs that you would like to have available to PKD patients in your area.

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©2016, PKD Foundation ·The PKD Foundation is a 501 (c)(3), 509 (a)(1) public charity.

©2016, PKD Foundation ·The PKD Foundation is a 501 (c)(3), 509 (a)(1) public charity.