Annual Report

Meet the Team

From just a couple of staff members and a doctor with a vision in 1982, the PKD Foundation has grown to be the only organization in the United States solely dedicated to finding treatments and a cure for PKD.

Leadership Team
Michelle Davis, Interim CEO and Chief Development Officer
Angela Connelly, Chief Marketing Officer
Lorrie Rome, Interim Chief Scientific Officer
Ray Smith, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Team PhotoWhat started as a couple of staff members and a doctor in 1982 has grown to more than 30 people dedicated to finding treatments and a cure for PKD,
headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.

Team Infographic

Board of Trustees and Volunteer Leadership

Our volunteers are the backbone of the organization. PKD Foundation volunteers bring the mission of the organization to life by giving their time and passion to ensure that no one faces this disease alone while uniting to end PKD.

Volunteers Infographic

If you are interested in volunteering with the PKD Foundation, click here.

Board of Trustees

Scott Goodman (Chair)
Frank Condella (Vice Chair & Treasurer)
Sen. Robert Bennett
Bill Brazell
Benjamin Cowley, Jr., M.D.
Lisa Guay-Woodford, M.D.
Michael Haggard, Esq.
Blaise Hazelwood
Walter Hunt, Ph.D.
Jerome Lienhard, II
Richard Nelson
Julia Roberts
Anne Ryan
Hilary Wolfe

Scientific Advisory Committee

Benjamin Cowley, Jr., M.D. (Chair)
Terry Watnick, M.D. (Vice Chair)
John Bissler, M.D.
Iain Drummond, Ph.D.
Vincent Gattone, II, Ph.D.
Ben Margolis, M.D.
York Pei, M.D.
Ronald Perrone, M.D.
Richard Sandford, Ph.D., FRCP
Stefan Somlo, M.D.
Darren Wallace, Ph.D.
Angela Wandinger-Ness, Ph.D.

Volunteer Advisory Committee

Carol Boeing
Darien DaCosta
Judy Ehrlich
Kristen Sherman Gill
Michele Karl
Valen Keefer
Patti Ruffin
Risa Simon

Education Advisory Committee

Jason Baldwin
Gabrielle Cole
Betsy Cook
David Damiani
Glenna Fry
Jill Olroyd
Cheryl Sherman
JoAnn Villanueva